What is it?

Vault is a multifunctional verification tool that allows you to store personal data and savings, join ICOs and monetize your data.

how does it work?


Vault doesn't use blockchain technology to store user data, all personal data is stored on your device


Vault provides you with a single window for interaction with counterparties in matters of your verification. Starting from ICO, which can be passed in one click, thanks to the KYCpass technology and ending with the identity card in front of banks, insurance and trunk companies, social networks and online stores


Once KYCpassed, the Vault records your unique identification number on the blockchain, so that no one can remove, replace, use or compromise your personal data




KYCpass gives you fast access to your favorite "lambo" and "moon" tokensales, without repeatable process and nervous expectations of Approve status.

A reliable and convenient multicurrency wallet for your savings. Vault gives you access to most popular crypto currencies. You can save, transfer and exchange them.

Vault is not going to capture the world, but we will definitely cooperate with proven, well-known service providers from around the world. Also our partners would provide special conditions for people, who passed verification via Vault

Vault has its own token – VAU. When any tokensale use Vault to speed up the KYC process, save team resources and eliminate the risks of KYC/AML policy violation, VAU holders join AIRDROP of tokens, which is payment for service.


Store, transmit, sell data with

DAICO with expertise of world class



Vault team

Aleksandr Firsov

Vault architector

Alex Safonov

Vault Tech

Jacob Barkar


Ivan Khodakov

Business Development

Rustam Shaykhulov

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VAULT provides services to companies that sell tokens, work with clients around the world and take care of the personal data of their customers.

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